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Re: Advice on packaging a Maven plugin

Hello Peter,

Short answer: you don't have to do anything, maven-debian-helper does
the magic for you, and will use the version of the Maven plugin that is
present in your Debian installation.
This is true since maven-debian-helper 0.8.

Please file a bug if you find that is functionality doesn't work as
expected, I have not much tested it.


Peter Collingbourne a écrit :
> Hello,
> We (I and Ramakrishnan Muthukrishnan) are packaging a Maven plugin for
> the Clojure language (clojure-maven-plugin).  Our preliminary packaging
> is available at git://git.debian.org/pkg-java/clojure-maven-plugin.git
> Our question relates to how to package those packages which depend
> on clojure-maven-plugin.  Because maven plugins do not supply a
> "debian" version, any package relying on clojure-maven-plugin
> (essentially all packages written in Clojure that use Maven) will
> need to specify a particular version of the plugin and will FTBFS
> when a new version enters the archive.  AFAICT, every other maven
> plugin in the archive has the same problem.  But due to the less
> tightly coupled relationship between this plugin and its users,
> a solution to this problem is more needed.
> One solution to this problem is to use some makefile magic in the
> dependent package's debian/rules file to extract the plugin's version
> number and inject it into the pom.xml using a substitution variable.
> But this would need to be done in every dependent package.
> I am seeking the list's input on this or any other solution.
> Thanks,

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