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Re: RFS: electric 8.10-1

On Sat, Jan 9, 2010 at 7:14 PM, Matthew Johnson <mjj29@debian.org> wrote:
> On Sat Jan 09 18:15, Onkar Shinde wrote:
>> I am looking for sponsorship for package electric version 8.10-1. The
>> packaging bits are updated in pkg-java svn. I have also uploaded the
>> source package to mentors.d.n. [1]
> Some of the files (for ex
> electric-8.10/com/sun/electric/database/geometry/btree/CachingPageStorage.java,
> but I've not checked others) would seem to be LGPL 3+, not GPL 3+, which
> is the only licence listed in debian/copyright. While this isn't the end
> of the world (the resulting binary is GPL 3+, and you can treat all the
> LGPL files as GPL) they should really be listed in debian/copyright.

I will clarify this in debian/copyright. I should make it a habit to
check copyright of all files when packaging new upstream version.

> More worryingly, some of the tests (eg:
> electric-8.10/com/sun/electric/tool/simulation/test/Agilent34970A.java)
> just say:
> Copyright (c) 2004 by Sun Microsystems, Inc.
> which technically means we don't have permission to distribute them
> (even if only in source form). Unless we can get a statement (from sun)
> that these are also under the GPL I think they need to be stripped from
> the source tarball (everything under
> com/sun/electric/tool/simulation/test looks like a good bet)

I will contact upstream authors about this. If I don't get
satisfactory response soon then I will strip these files from
.orig.tar.gz and update get-orig-source target for this purpose.

> I have uploaded java-gnome now though.

Thanks for this.


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