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Re: FTBFS of libjogl-java on armel

Le mardi 28 juillet 2009 à 20:29 +0530, Onkar Shinde a écrit :
> According to following changelog entry, the build of javadoc was
> disabled on armel to fix BTFS of libjogl-java.
> libjogl-java (1.1.1+dak1-5) unstable; urgency=low
>  .
>    * Standards-Version updated to version 3.8.1
>    * Disable the build of the javadoc under arm mipsel mips armel because of
>      a timeout issue
>    * Also handle the antlr package as dep (to simplify the backport)
> But it looks like teh change has not taken any effect. This is evident
> from build failure in Debian [1] as well as Ubuntu [2].
> Does anyone have any solution for this?
Thanks to the armel porterbox, I have been able to fix this issue.
It hasn't been rebuild by the compilation chain for armel but the fix is
currently available in the version 1.1.1+dak1-7.


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