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Re: [pkg-java] Use svn-buildpackage tagging with care for now !

It's probably unrelated to this issue, but I noticed that the commons-beanutils directory contains trunk, tags and branches directories. Maybe they could be removed? The debian subdirectory seems to be the only one actively maintained lately.

Emmanuel Bourg

Vincent Fourmond a écrit :
  Hello all !

  This email concerns anyone who is using svn-buildpackage to tag their
uploads in the pkg-java repository. While running svn update today
within the trunk/ directory, I've noticed a new tags/ directory where
tags of several packages were stored in a mess. I'm unsure, but I think
the newer upload of svn-buildpackage is in cause. I've filed bug
#533576, we'll see what is the problem.

  In the meantime, I strongly suggest that you refrain from using the
tagging feature from svn-buildpackage for now, or at least check
carefully what you're doing /'ve done.

  I've fixed all misplaced tags directories for now. For the record, the
command-line I used was the following (run from within the trunk/tags/

for d in *; do pkg=$(grep Source: $d/debian/control | egrep -o
'[a-z0-9-]+$'); echo $pkg; svn move
svn+ssh://svn.debian.org/svn/pkg-java/tags/$pkg/$d -m "[$pkg] Fixing
misplaced tag"; done

  Cheers !


PS: I Cced the bug report as I thought this information would be useful
there too. Please think before keeping it in CC ;-)

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