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Re: Anyone working on Java3D Debian packages?

[Jonny Lamb]
> I have taken an interest in getting java3d into Debian recently and done
> some work on the package.

Great!  :)

> I have no real opinion on what happens here but unmaintained since
> 1999 doesn't sound good at all. The package has no rdepends so it
> looks like replacing the 1.2 package will be fairly easy.

Yeah.  No-one objected, so I believe a replace is the correct thing to
do, if my understanding of the SUN vecmath license holds.

> I am happy to maintain these two packages and would prefer to do so
> under pkg-java. I have spoken to Petter and he is happy for me to do
> so.  Therefore it would be superb if I was given access to pkg-java
> so I may commit my changes to the packages and get them
> uploaded. I'd also be happy to co-maintain them with someone/others.

I'll do this after tomorrow, unless someone objects.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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