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Re: Anyone working on Java3D Debian packages?


I have taken an interest in getting java3d into Debian recently and done
some work on the package.

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> I've added draft build rules to pkg-java svn,
> <URL: svn+ssh://svn.debian.org/svn/pkg-java/trunk/java3d >.  I'm not
> sure about naming, but have selected java3d as the source name, and
> libjava3d-java, libjava3d-jni and libjava3d-doc as the binary package
> names.

I have based my packaging on Petter's initial work. I have not changed
any package names.

> Not quite sure about how to build the doc package, but the
> other two seem to work.

So the docs target builds three javadoc sources, named docs-public,
docs-private and docs-jcp. I'm not quite sure why it does this, but it
appears the docs in -jcp are also in -public and after a small
discussion with mjj29 on #debian-java, it was decided to package -public
in the normal place (/usr/share/doc/$package/api/). Any other opinions
on this would be happily received.

> The SUN vecmath library is not the same as libvecmath1.2-java.  The
> latter is based on an old version of the specification of vecmath and
> have not been developed since 1999.  As the SUN vecmath library is
> free software now, I would recommend dropping libvecmath1.2-java and
> replace it with the SUN vecmath library.  Any comments on this?

I have no real opinion on what happens here but unmaintained since 1999
doesn't sound good at all. The package has no rdepends so it looks like
replacing the 1.2 package will be fairly easy.

I am happy to maintain these two packages and would prefer to do so
under pkg-java. I have spoken to Petter and he is happy for me to do so.
Therefore it would be superb if I was given access to pkg-java so I may
commit my changes to the packages and get them uploaded. I'd also be
happy to co-maintain them with someone/others.

Kind regards,

Jonny Lamb, UK

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