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Re: Eclipse packages status


On Sun, 2008-04-27 at 13:23 +0200, Thomas Girard wrote:
> Also I wonder whether it would be feasible to use Eclipse
> plugins metainformation to automate part of the Debian packaging
> effort.

This sounds like "rpmstubby" (name can be changed no problem) which I
hacked up very quickly to "stub" out an RPM specfile from Eclipse plugin
feature.xml files.  It's very rough but it holds potential.  I'd really
welcome any collaboration on it since I'm busy with other things.
There's also the idea of automatically mirroring OSGi dependency
information into packages.  Something like what exists for .sos and Mono
packages.  Is this possible with .debs?

The Linux Distros project at eclipse.org [1,2] is where we try to
coordinate cross-distro Eclipse stuff.  Join us there :)


(yes, it's a bit out of date ...)


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