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Re: Debian Java-6 and Nimbus

David Goodenough wrote:
On Friday 11 April 2008, David Herron wrote:
David Goodenough wrote:
I am confused about the updates that Sun put out for Java-6 which
are supposed to include the new Look and Feel (Nimbus) and the
updates there have been to the sun-java-6 packages on unstable
which do not include Nimbus.

Can anyone clear up this confusion for me?  Or to put it another
way are we going to get Nimbus in Debian before Java-7?

As Michael Koch noted 6u10 is far from being finished.  It just entered
beta and while I probably can't disclose the target end-date for 6u10
given the size of the work going into 6u10 it's fair to say the obvious
that we have a several month beta period ahead of us.

We are about to publish 6u6 .. BTW 6u6 contains the fix for the XCB
crash.  If I read the bug status for the sun-java-6 bundles correctly
the package is marked as 'grave' because of this specific crash.

It would be helpful if y'all could do some testing of the 6u10 bundles
now, during beta, and let us know if there are issues on Debian.  Given
that there aren't .deb bundles for 6u10 you'll have to do a manual
install of it outside the package system.

6u10 also has the new plugin which has been getting huge thumbs up
response from everybody I've talked with.  Still 32-bit systems only,

BTW, I am the DLJ tech lead now.

- David Herron
Do you know if Nimbus (and the bits it needs) is available.  When I 
go to nimbus.dev.java.net is points me at swinglabs.org for nightly
builds.  But when I go there I find no mention of Nimbus.  Do you know
where I get hold of it?



dherron@dherron:~/Desktop/t/jre1.6.0_06/lib$ jar tvf rt.jar | grep -i nimbus

It appears Nimbus isn't in 6u6

The page Michael Koch referenced earlier [1] says Nimbus will be in 6u10.  That's along with a bunch of other client side goodness like the new plugin and other stuff.

- David Herron

[1] http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/ea/6u10/6u10beta.jsp

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