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Re: Debian Java-6 and Nimbus

On Friday 11 April 2008, David Herron wrote:
> David Goodenough wrote:
> > I am confused about the updates that Sun put out for Java-6 which
> > are supposed to include the new Look and Feel (Nimbus) and the
> > updates there have been to the sun-java-6 packages on unstable
> > which do not include Nimbus.
> >
> > Can anyone clear up this confusion for me?  Or to put it another
> > way are we going to get Nimbus in Debian before Java-7?
> >
> > David
> As Michael Koch noted 6u10 is far from being finished.  It just entered
> beta and while I probably can't disclose the target end-date for 6u10
> given the size of the work going into 6u10 it's fair to say the obvious
> that we have a several month beta period ahead of us.
> We are about to publish 6u6 .. BTW 6u6 contains the fix for the XCB
> crash.  If I read the bug status for the sun-java-6 bundles correctly
> the package is marked as 'grave' because of this specific crash.
> It would be helpful if y'all could do some testing of the 6u10 bundles
> now, during beta, and let us know if there are issues on Debian.  Given
> that there aren't .deb bundles for 6u10 you'll have to do a manual
> install of it outside the package system.
> 6u10 also has the new plugin which has been getting huge thumbs up
> response from everybody I've talked with.  Still 32-bit systems only,
> unfortunately.
> BTW, I am the DLJ tech lead now.
> - David Herron

Do you know if Nimbus (and the bits it needs) is available.  When I 
go to nimbus.dev.java.net is points me at swinglabs.org for nightly
builds.  But when I go there I find no mention of Nimbus.  Do you know
where I get hold of it?


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