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Re: Java 6 Install problems

On Friday 04 April 2008 23:18, Gregory Stark wrote:
> Vincent Fourmond  wrote:
> > Ian Bull wrote:
> > >       Did you run apt-get update before that ? As far as I can see,
> > > this problems does not exist anymore.
> > >
> > > Thank for the reply Vincent.
> > >
> > > Yep, I tired an update first:
> >
> > OK, I've checked a bit better. The problem still exists for the i386
> > arch. Please wait for a few days, and if it persists, please file a bug
> > report against sun-java6-bin (this is the faulty one apparently).
> I'm not sure what's going on here but there are already several bug
> reports on this, the latest I think is bug #464721 (which dates back to
> Feb 8th).
> The sun-java6-* packages have been uninstallable for over a month now.
> This breaks the repository badly. It means that apt-get dist-upgrade
> tries to *remove* any package which depends on java such as staroffice.
> It also means that if you uninstall java you cannot re-install it from
> the repository.
> It seems there have been a couple of new version uploads attempted since
> the breakage started and they haven't fixed the problem. It would
> probably be better to re-upload the last consistent set of packages to
> fix the repository, then try to fix the new packages and not upload them
> until you have a consistent set of new ones to replace the old ones.

The java6 packages don't appear to be buggy as such, the problem is that the 
i386 packages haven't been built.  That sort of temporary version skew is 
normal for sid, (and for packages in main would normally be fixed by the 
i386 buildd).  

Matthias uploaded source, all and amd64 packages for version 6-05-1, and 
no-one has uploaded i386 or ia64 binaries yet.  For version 6-04-2 he 
uploaded source, i386 and all packages.  For 6-03-1 he uploaded ia64, 
source, all, amd64, and i386 packages.  (Afaict the sun-java packages 
aren't being auto-built.) 

Andrew V.

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