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Re: Java 6 Install problems

Vincent Fourmond  wrote:

> Ian Bull wrote:
> >       Did you run apt-get update before that ? As far as I can see, this
> >     problems does not exist anymore.
> > 
> > Thank for the reply Vincent.
> > 
> > Yep, I tired an update first:
> OK, I've checked a bit better. The problem still exists for the i386 arch.
> Please wait for a few days, and if it persists, please file a bug report
> against sun-java6-bin (this is the faulty one apparently).

I'm not sure what's going on here but there are already several bug reports on
this, the latest I think is bug #464721 (which dates back to Feb 8th).

The sun-java6-* packages have been uninstallable for over a month now. This
breaks the repository badly. It means that apt-get dist-upgrade tries to
*remove* any package which depends on java such as staroffice. It also means
that if you uninstall java you cannot re-install it from the repository.

It seems there have been a couple of new version uploads attempted since the
breakage started and they haven't fixed the problem. It would probably be
better to re-upload the last consistent set of packages to fix the repository,
then try to fix the new packages and not upload them until you have a
consistent set of new ones to replace the old ones.

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