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Re: Help needed on the Java policy


On Wednesday 30 January 2008 04:11, Matthew Johnson wrote:
[snip a lot of good stuff I agree with]
> A much better solution would be to define a better set of virtual
> packages. I would go with:
>    - lowest common denominator (essentially the _intersection_ of Java
>      1.4 and whatever java-gcj-compat supports)
>          Every RE can provide this.
>    - sun java 1.5-derived
>          This would be provided by sun*jre, icedtea, anything produced
>          by java-package.
> Possibly java-runtime and java5-runtime?
> Packages would then either depend on: java-gcj-compat | java-runtime OR
> {icedtea,sun-java5-jre} | java5-runtime

If you are going to rework the virtual packages, please consider adding 
-nox packages so that java{,5}-runtime can depend the appropriate X windows 
packages, and server apps that don't need X windows can depend on 


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