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Re: Java wrappers and java-common


Vincent Fourmond wrote:
- debug output of java version found, and how the java command was found
(it helps a great lot when users ask for help and have e.g. a dangling
environment variable).

  When DEBUG_WRAPPERS is set, the JAVA_HOME found is written.
Thanks, my point was also to call java -version, something like "java_debug $(${JAVA_CMD} -version)" should do the trick.

- a warning if the find_java_runtime is called with criteria and the
java command returned doesn't respect those criteria: i.e. JAVA_CMD is
set to gcj, and the script asks for 'sun'. I don't have a good solution
for this one, but it also helps avoiding bug reports where the user
forces the wrong Java command.

  I don't think we'll manage this correctly. In any bug report, we would
have to ask the output of DEBUG_WRAPPERS=1 command.
Errh, yes, that's what I'm currently doing, what's the issue with this? Actually, I was thinking about adding some magic to reportbug to get such information automatically.

- I also defined a variable ADD_JARS which is put in front of the

  Defining JAVA_CLASSPATH beforehand does the trick with what I wrote.
Is there a need for another way to do so ?
Sorry, I must have mixed up something, I thought you did put the found jars _in front_ of JAVA_CLASSPATH.

- the CLASSPATH variable is also used by the java command, do we have
here a consistent behavior across all binaries?

  I don't know. Apparently, from cacao, sun5, sun6 and gij, the
-classpath environment variable necessarily overrides the CLASSPATH
settings. Which means that if there is a call to find_jar, it is
useless. But I provided debug output for it nevertheless.
Shouldn't then JAVA_CLASSPATH be built on CLASSPATH instead of JAVA_CLASSPATH?

Else, thanks a lot for the good work!


  Modifications just committed, many thanks !


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