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Re: Creating Packages for FOSS Java GIS Applications

[Sunburned Surveyor]
> [2] Place the JAR file with the main class in /usr/bin/openjump.

I suspect you mean /usr/share/openjump/ here.

> I will try to overcome the challenges that arise from placing
> plug-in jars and supporting files in /usr/share/openjump or
> /usr/share/java/openjump. (Which one of these folders would be more
> appropriate?)

I would say that generic stuff should go in share/java/, and
application specific stuff should go in share/openjump/.

> If this can't be done I will place the plug-ins in a subfolder of
> /usr/bin/openjump.

Again, I suspect you mean /usr/share/openjump/ here.

> If OpenJUMP is using a fairly generic Java library, and a Debian
> package for it does not exist, should I prepare a Debian package for
> it and declare a dependency in my control file? I imagine sharing of
> Debs for common Java libraries is one of the benefits of Debian's
> package system.

Yes, libraries from other sources needed by openjump should be placed
in separate Debian packages.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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