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javacc help needed


the recently accepted flutejava and flute-1.3-jfree packages use a
javacc generated parser - but they currently ship one pre-generated
which is not really the ideal way.

I don't feel comfortable uploading those to unstable with a parser not
being able to rebuilt/fixed if needed; this in turn holds some packages
up from being uploaded to unstable which in turn hold up OpenOffice.org
2.3.x being uploaded to unstable.. :/

When removing the generated files, re-building the parser and trying the
build it fails, though (not at the &6 ;) ) when trying to build the

which both boil to "Unhandled exception type ParseException".

Is there anyone javacc-knowledgeable who wants to look and tell me what
I am/upstream is doing wrong and how to regenerate the parser?
(apt-get source flutejava/flute-1.3-jfree; look for FIXME ;) )



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