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Re: Maven in Debian [was: Re: Reg. Apache Excalibur]

On Thu, August 23, 2007 3:45 pm, Kumar Appaiah wrote:
> But consider the maven-resources plugin. The source jar has the
> following:
> org/apache/maven/plugin/resources/util/
> org/apache/maven/plugin/resources/PropertyUtils.java
> org/apache/maven/plugin/resources/ReflectionProperties.java
> org/apache/maven/plugin/resources/ResourcesMojo.java
> org/apache/maven/plugin/resources/TestResourcesMojo.java
> org/apache/maven/plugin/resources/util/InterpolationFilterReader.java
> I created a build.xml, and can copy your idea to make a deb. But is it
> worth creating a single deb just for these, or do you think a
> maven-plugins package with all the plugins assorted and a single
> build.xml would be better? I ask this, since we have to repackage the
> things anyway, for the source is provided as jars. But this would mean
> that if some one plugin's version is bumped up, it would require a
> rebuild of the whole thing. So, what is the right way?

I can't give you an authoritative answer, I'm afraid, but I would be a bit
uneasy about combining separate source streams into one source package -
especially as http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/maven/plugins/tags/ shows that
the plugins seem to have independent release cycles.

(And I guess the mavinistas would be horrified - "separation of concerns"

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