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high system cpu load while running several java machines on 2.6 kernels


My server configuration is:

P4 3.0Ghz HT, 2Gb ram, Debian etch 2.6.18-5-686 kernel, latest jdk
1.6.0_02 from java.sun.com.

When I'm trying to run several java applications in separated java-machines
simultaneously after some time java begins to "eat" a lot of system cpu
(up to 90%) causing grow of load average up to 20-30-50-100. This load
continues for several minutes (5-10-20 minutes) and then falls down.
Everything works normal if there is only one instance of java.

I've noticed that this behaviour is reproduceable on the any of 2.6.x
I have the same configuration on different debian servers with 2.4.x
kernels but there is no such problem. I can run 2-3 separated java
machines until I change the kernel to 2.6. When I use the 2.6 kernel the
usage of several separated java machines at one server becomes
impossible due to the periodical high cpu load and high load average.

Could anybody point me where I have to look for the reasons of this
issue? What significant changes have been made in 2.6 kernel that cause
this behaviour?

Does somebody use the same configuration with several java machines at
one debian server with 2.6 kernel? Do you experience the same issue?

Thank you very much.

Alexander Burnos

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