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Re: Help with java sources in tex4ht

On 8/21/07, Kapil Hari Paranjape <kapil@imsc.res.in> wrote:
> Hello,


> I need some help with some java packaging issues for a
> part of tex4ht that uses java. The java portion of tex4ht source code
> is attached as it is only 20K.

The copyright is not at the top of all the java files, maybe ask
upstream to fix this (it's not a stopper I think).

> The TeX4HT system converts TeX/LaTeX into hypertext formats like
> HTML, XML and OpenOffice. The xtpipes java application is part
> of this conversion process. The converter xtpipes.class is currently
> called during the conversion process as
>                 java -classpath <directory> xtpipes
> I am currently using "ecj-gcj" to compile the source which works
> fine.
> Now for the questions:
>         1. I suppose that with "ecj-gcj" the build-dependency should
>            be on "java-gcj-compat-dev". Is that correct?


>         2. Should I try to build using the dependency "free-java-sdk"
>            instead?

No. java-gcj-compat-dev is recommended.

>         3. Should the classes be put as a jar in /usr/share/java/ or
>            should I use /usr/share/tex4ht/ (which already contains
>            other related files)?

You can put it in /usr/share/java

> Any info on any of these questions will be much appreciated!


Arnaud Vandyck

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