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Help with java sources in tex4ht


I need some help with some java packaging issues for a
part of tex4ht that uses java. The java portion of tex4ht source code
is attached as it is only 20K.

The TeX4HT system converts TeX/LaTeX into hypertext formats like
HTML, XML and OpenOffice. The xtpipes java application is part
of this conversion process. The converter xtpipes.class is currently
called during the conversion process as
	   	java -classpath <directory> xtpipes

I am currently using "ecj-gcj" to compile the source which works

Now for the questions:

	1. I suppose that with "ecj-gcj" the build-dependency should
	   be on "java-gcj-compat-dev". Is that correct?
	2. Should I try to build using the dependency "free-java-sdk"
	3. Should the classes be put as a jar in /usr/share/java/ or
	   should I use /usr/share/tex4ht/ (which already contains
	   other related files)?

Any info on any of these questions will be much appreciated!

With best regards,


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