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Re: Fw: Re: Java interpreter on ARM GNU/Linux

Hey guys,

I did not understand these whole low-level technical details(when
reading the original thread in the archives I just don't get it, sorry),
but when I hear "Java on ARM" it might be interesting that the people
from the jalimo project build packages of different JVM's for the maemo


It's not yet tested by myself due to time contraints, I admit, but they
showed nice demo's at the german Linuxtag with their software
controlling Lego robots via N800 devices.

At least some of the experience these guys have might be helpful, and
they might be able to contribute in some way with getting Java on Debian
for ARM done.

(CC'ing Sebastian Mancke who's one of the people working on this)

@Sebastian: this is a thread on the debian-arm and debian-java list -
see http://lists.debian.org/debian-arm/2007/07/msg00029.html and


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