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Re: Again: Packages of FreeCol

On Tuesday 17 July 2007 08:43:55 Andreas Tille wrote:
> I did not even tried any Java combination but I expect sun-java to work
> which would enable FreeCol at least in contrib.

Alright, Sun Java works of course - in fact I played Freecol just yesterday, 
constructing some buildings etc.

There's a Java packaging policy for Debian but it's still in its early stages, 
and misses out many details on where to place JAR files, build chains, 
applets and so on (last update in 2005, see package java-common).
I'm also interested in having a Java packages (namely ggz-java which isn't in 
Debian yet).
Maybe we just miss some Classpath tricks to get the GUI to work properly, 
which would of course be the preferred solution.

People on the debian-java list will surely be able to give us a short pointer 
to the Java/classpath current situation, so I put them into CC: but please 
follow up on debian-games-devel.
Which combinations of JVM and libraries and compilers are recommended, which 
are outdated, is it realistic to get Freecol into Debian at that point, ...?


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