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Re: Attempt at packaging StringTemplate

* Michael Koch:

> - You dont need to Build-Depend on ant. ant-optional already Depends on
>   it.
> - You should Build-Depend on antlr when build.properties references it
>   and its used.

Okay, although it's pulled in by gjdoc already.

> - You should call the binary package either stringtemplate or
>   libstringtemplate-java. Not stringtemplate-java. When its a tool it
>   doesnt matter if its written in java or any other languages. That is
>   only important for libraries.

libstringtemplate-java it is.  There are implementations in other

> - I would use CDBS for debian/rules. This makes some things implicitely
>   and is more easy to maintain. And for Debian Java packages its the
>   standard. Java people people will be able to help you more easy.

Hmm.  I don't particularly like CDBS, but I've switched to it.  That
seems to fix the other issues you mentioned.  (You need a fresh clone
because I've amended the commit.)

Thanks much for your helpful comments.

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