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Re: JavaME on Debian?

W. Borgert wrote:
Quoting Michael Koch <konqueror@gmx.de>:
Its possible. I do a lot of J2ME development at work on Debian.
But there are no Debian packages for this, as all you need is not really
redistributable. Like SUN WTK Emulator. And All other emulators are not
available under Linux. (I know there is some old outdated emulator from
Nokia for Linux)
Thanks! It looks like the "Sun Java Wireless Toolkit 2.5 for CLDC"
is only available as .exe for Windows. Not even Suns very own OSes
are supported, or do I miss sth.?

I hope, Sun will release those things at least in a way, that
Debian can distribute it in non-free (better main, of course).

Cheers, WB


Have you browsed through the PhoneME project to see whether any of it is open source?


I don't know why we only release the WTK for Windows.  It may have to do with the device emulators that are included...??

- David Herron

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