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preferred default JRE (was: Bug#411692: bootchart-view: Needs libgtkpeer.so when converting a bootchart to EPS or PNG format)

Hi Michael,

Michael Koch <konqueror@gmx.de> wrote:
> Kaffe is outdated and needs some serious updates. Its better not to use
> it in current state. The other runtimes are more uptodate.
> Sablevm is even more outdated and I dont see anyone working on it at
> all in Debian.
> Recommending those two currently is like moving the user into a really
> wacky house.

Interessting. Sometimes ago you suggested to use kaffe as the default JRE
to make things more reproducible. Now, things may have changed. What
should I now put in the Dependends line as prefered JRE?

gcj | java-runtime | java2-runtime

Which JDK should I use for building? gcj? Currently I use kaffe.

Schöne Grüße, Jörg.
$ cat /dev/random
#!/usr/bin/perl -WT
print "hello world\n";

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