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Re: Bug#411692: bootchart-view: Needs libgtkpeer.so when converting a bootchart to EPS or PNG format

Hi Java team,

I've got a bug report that libgtkpeer.so is missing if gcj-4.1 is used.

Guus Sliepen schrieb am Tue 20. Feb, 15:04 (+0100):
> When trying to convert a bootchart.tgz to EPS or PNG, I get the
> following error:
> [guus@iridal]/tmp>bootchart -f eps bootchart-3.tgz
> Parsing bootchart-3.tgz
>    at org.bootchart.Main.main(Unknown Source)
> Caused by: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: libgtkpeer: libgtkpeer.so: kan gedeeld objektbestand niet openen: Onbekend bestand of map
>    at java.lang.Runtime._load(libgcj.so.70)
> The libgtkpeer.so file is present in several Debian packages, for
> example classpath-gtkpeer, but bootchart-view misses the necessary
> dependencies.

IMO this is a bug in gcj. kaffe and sablevm provide through dependencies
the file libgtkpeer.so.

kaffe -> kaffe-pthreads | kaffe-jthreads  -- both ship libgtkpeer.so
sablevm -> libsablevm1 -> libsablevm-native1

Where is the bug? Must the bootchart-view package depend on libgcj7-awt
or classpath-gtkpeer?

Bye, Jörg.
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