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Re: Which class in which package

On Fri, February 2, 2007 10:53 am, gerhard.oettl.ml@oesoft.at wrote:
> Michael Koch schrieb:
>> On Thu, Feb 01, 2007 at 09:05:40PM +0100, gerhard oettl wrote:
>>> Hello
>>> Is there a standard (or any) way to find out which java class is in
>>> which non installed debian package to know whats to install if a
>>> ClassNotFoundException arises?
>> There is no official way currently. What I do currently is to google to
>> find out in which package/jar/software this class is included and then
>> search for this package/jar/software with apt-cache search.
>> I will think up of a way to setup a service for this. It should be
>> possible to index all jars we have in debian package and make that index
>> searchable on some website.
> That would be a great help vor java user/developer. As I pointed out the
> problem is that classes (and maybe also other java resouces)  are inside
> compressed files (jar) and therefore not visible for the well known
> debian search variants.
> If the name of the jar-file is known finding the corresponding
> debian-package is a smal job - thanks to debians toolset for that. ;-)
> gerhard

One "bodge" is to look for the Javadoc's HTML file instead. On the
packages page (http://www.debian.org/distrib/packages) enter (e.g)
javax/activation/MimeTypeParameterList.html in the "Search contents of
packages" textbox. This will identify libs/libgnujaf-java as the owning

Of course this is a big bodge, and will only work if the Java package
distributes javadocs. But I've found it useful at times.

Don't forget to include the ".html" suffix in the search!

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