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Re: Why Sun-JRE does not provide java-runtime?

On Wednesday 13 September 2006 00:41, Arnaud Vandyck wrote:
> Jörg Sommer wrote:
> Hi Jörg,
> > Eric Lavarde - Debian <deb@zorglub.s.bawue.de> wrote:
> >>> I've got a request #385190 to add the java2-runtime to the dependency
> >>> alternative of the package bootchart-view. What's the difference
> >>> between java-runtime and java2-runtime? Why does the JRE from Sun not
> >>> provide java-runtime?
> [...]
> > What should I do with my bug? Should I wait until the Java Policy is
> > fixed? Can I reassign the bug to the Sun-JRE?
> You can tag it has 'wontfix' at the moment and explain that if you add
> that dependency, the only way to satisfy the java2-runtime is to install
> a non-free JRE and it's not acceptable as your package is in main (am I
> right?).

Why would a Depends: <DFSG-free-package> | <non-free-package> be 
unacceptable for a package in main?  

In any case, gij-4.1 provides java2-runtime, so there is at least one 
package providing java2-runtime in main.

Andrew V.

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