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Re: Why Sun-JRE does not provide java-runtime?

Hello Eric,

Eric Lavarde - Debian <deb@zorglub.s.bawue.de> wrote:
>> I've got a request #385190 to add the java2-runtime to the dependency
>> alternative of the package bootchart-view. What's the difference between
>> java-runtime and java2-runtime? Why does the JRE from Sun not provide
>> java-runtime?
> it was not meant like this and changes to the Java Policy should fix this
> in the near future, but one can currently say that:
> java2-runtime = Sun/Blackdown Java
> java-runtime = classpath (or alike) based free VM
> It's probably not politically correct to write this ;-), but I think that
> it represents quite well the current reality.

What should I do with my bug? Should I wait until the Java Policy is
fixed? Can I reassign the bug to the Sun-JRE?

Bye, Jörg.
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