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Re: ArithmeticException: / by zero in XIconWindow

Hi Tom,

thanks for the help.

Tom Marble wrote:
Eric Lavarde - Debian wrote:
I know it´s probably linked to a proprietary Java (I know that some people
from Sun have now sneaked in ;-),
Not to worry... we are safely off in "non-free" (that is until
Java is completely liberated!)
It'll be interesting times :-)

I'm not able to reproduce this problem.  FreeMind works fine
on my Debian Etch system (with Sun Java from unstable [1]):
Neither am I able to reproduce the issue, but, as feared, someone has now reported the bug [1]. Currently, I'm thinking that it's either something that hasn't reached yet testing, or (and?) something in relation with 64 bits. The problem seems to appear as well with 1.4.2 btw (!).

tmarble@tv 15% dpkg --get-selections | egrep '(\-icon\-|sun|freemind)'
freemind                                        install
gnome-icon-theme                                install
hicolor-icon-theme                              install
sun-java5-bin                                   install
sun-java5-jre                                   install
sun-java5-plugin                                install
xfce4-icon-theme                                install
tmarble@tv 16%

Do you have those X icons installed?  Let me know how I can help
get to the bottom of this problem.
I have the gnome and hicolor icones installed, but don't have the issue myself. Moral support is not bad at this point in time. :-) If you have any idea, you're welcome to participate and ask questions directly to the bug reporter, I won't feel offended.



P.S. Merci pour FreeMind, c'est très utile!
Mais de rien, il faut remercier les developeurs.

Thanks, Eric

[1] http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=384736

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