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Re: Bug#382995: ITP: nekohtml -- HTML parser for Java

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Marcus Better wrote:
> Robert Schuster wrote:
>> first: I think this discussion fits better on the debian-java list. :)
> Why? It's about specific policies listed on the pkg-java web pages.

pkg-java-maintainers is for the bug reports, not for the discussions. We
have to comment that on the website.

>> As far as I understood it you should do the 'repackaging' programmatically. Put
>> every needed operation to make the upstream sources suitable in the clean:: rule.
> This is the first time I came across this solution. Actually it sounds
> wrong to me. The problem is that the upstream tarball contains parts
> that are not redistributable or not DFSG-free in the first place.
> Clearly the orig tarball has to be repacked manually. (I maintain other
> packages where this is the case.)

If the package contains nonfree documents/code, you have to rebuild the
original tarball without them.

> Can you give me an example of a package that uses this method?

I don't know. But comment the rework of the original tarball in

>>> Also, I really dislike using dpatch/quilt in conjunction with SVN
>> The dpatch/quilt/simple-patchsys thingie is part of the debian build system I think.
> No, there is nothing special about these patch systems. They are just
> utilities that developers can use, or not.

I use simple-patchsys, it's really easy.


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