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Re: Bug#382995: ITP: nekohtml -- HTML parser for Java

Hi Marcus,
first: I think this discussion fits better on the debian-java list. :)

I am not in the pkg-java group for so long but I think I can still answer some
of your questions.

Marcus Better wrote:
> Stefan Gybas wrote:
>>I've added you to the project. Welcome and have fun! :-)
> Thanks! I have a few questions about the SVN policies. Why am I not allowed
> to check in the whole upstream source tree? Are we concerned about disk
> space?
I dont think this has to do with disk space. The thing is: With a properly
constructed source package you do not need the upstream sources in our SVN.

> I need to repack the upstream sources to remove jar files etc, and it would
> be much easier to commit the modified upstream source tree to SVN and work
> from that, instead of keeping a local tree.
As far as I understood it you should do the 'repackaging' programmatically. Put
every needed operation to make the upstream sources suitable in the clean:: rule.

> Also, I really dislike using dpatch/quilt in conjunction with SVN since it
> defeats the purpose of having version control (which is to track changes).
The dpatch/quilt/simple-patchsys thingie is part of the debian build system I think.


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