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Re: Packaging Maven 2 - shipping binaries for bootstrapping.

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Trygve Laugstøl schrieb:
>>plexus-* (plexus-utils is in the archives)
>>I ignored transient dependencies for now, but it seams to be doable.
> Why? They're as much needed as the direct dependencies.

Yes, of course, and I know that. I just wanted to point out that the
task of packaging maven2 for debian is not a 10-man-year project.

>>My worry is still wheter to ship binaries in the source to bootsrap a
>>first maven 2 version in debian or going to make ant files for the first
>>version's dependencies.
> I'm still pretty sure that you can't ship with binaries and I really
> don't see the need for it.
> Maven has a generic boot process that it use to build itself. This
> bootstrap mechanism most likely can be (and was designed to be) usable
> for bootstraping other Maven-based projects. As I've said before I want
> to help out from the Maven side of things so if changes are needed to
> the bootstrap I'll take care of that part. It will be useful for
> everyone who's looking into making Maven to packages.

I wasn't aware that the bootstrapper can be used outside the maven
bootstrapping process. That's a nice point and I will investigate this.

- -billy.

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