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Re: Questions about Eclipse, EMF, ecj...

Stephan Michels napisał(a):

1. I see a lot of emails going round concerning issues with Eclipse. Are
all these issues only border cases and can Eclipse be used "productive",
or should a newbye still wait a bit with it? (speaking 'sid').

I use the eclipse package every day. And seems to be quite stable from my

I noticed that SWT seems to leak X resources. I'm not familiar with debigging this stuff, but I noticed that while using Eclipse (and Azureus recompiled with Eclipse's SWT) my swap usage gets higher and higher (slowly). Exiting Eclipse frees only some of it, the rest is released only after killing X. It has been like that for a long time now, even befere I installed Debian packages of Eclipse.
Has anybody else noticed something like that?

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