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Questions about Eclipse, EMF, ecj...


as a Java newbye, I have three questions:

1. I see a lot of emails going round concerning issues with Eclipse. Are
all these issues only border cases and can Eclipse be used "productive",
or should a newbye still wait a bit with it? (speaking 'sid').

2. For FreeMind, upstream and myself are thinking of replacing JAXB
through EMF <http://www.eclipse.org/emf/>. Is this tool hidden somewhere
in the Eclipse packages (I couldn't find it as an explicite one)? Does
someone plan to package it, or has experience with it?

3. Also for FreeMind, I tried to use kaffe but jikes dumped
<http://bugs.debian.org/338176> and its development seems to be quite
stalled. Is there an option to use ecj as a drop-in replacement (and how)?

Thanks, Eric

PS: and a nice christmas to all!

Eric de France, d'Allemagne et de Navarre

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