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RE: java policy

Barry, thanks for your answer. I thought the policy was more dated, since
last time I checked had many disagreements with other sources.

Two more: the wiki at java.debian.net is reliable for the details not
covered in the policy? java-package is the prefered way of getting a
non-free jdk?

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> Martin Ferrari - DECIDIR Argentina wrote:
> > I would want to know if
> > http://www.debian.org/doc/packaging-manuals/java-policy/ is still
> > authoritative and if there is some repository of documentation for
> > debian-java. I'm still confused about what is current.
> Martin,
>     Hi.  That appears to match what we currently have in the 
> java-common
> package, so as far as what's currently "official", that would 
> be it.  As
> you can see from viewing our archives over most of 2005, there are a
> number of things we have been discussing that will probably 
> be reflected
> in an update to java policy once we reach concensus and implement the
> decision(s).  Some of the issues are quite complex, and we have been
> discussing the need for a face-to-face meeting of the Debian Java team
> to get some of these issues under discussion worked out.
>     The rest of the gang can chime in, but I wanted to at 
> least provide
> you with a quick answer.
> Regards,
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