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Java debcamp?

This proposal has been circulating on IRC for a while, and I believe
it is time it made it to the mailing list.

In debian-edu, we have development gatherings fairly often, both to
coordinate the developers and focus the effort, and to increase the
motivation among the group of people participating.  The d-i people
have also had such gathering, and it has proven to be very effective
in making sure everyone is pulling in the same direction.  The Custom
Debian group will meet in Spain in May (if everything goes well), and
we expect to improve the state of CDD because of this meeting.

Would it be an idea to bring the free java / debian-java community
together in a development gathering, to discuss policies and work on
packages?  The upcoming debconf5 in Helsinki might be a good
alternative, but any time/location suiting the people involved would
be good as well.

The only way to make this happen, is for someone to wish for it to
happen, and to arrange it.  Is this useful for debian-java to make
progress?  Anyone interested in making it happen?

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