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Looking for the right Java solution

Hello Debian Java folks,

I need to develop a chess-like game which should be written 100% in
Java, the program should also have a GUI which will show the moves.

As far as I'm a Debian GNU/Linux `testing` user I would like to know
which Java SDK package would allow me to develop such a program.

I've seen the free-java-sdk package which should provide all the DSFG
compliant basic development tools, the only problem seems to be that
such package won't support Java GUI development packages like SWING or

Recently I was trying out Ubuntu GNU/Linux on which I've used IBM's Java
SDK (ported to .deb via alien from a RPM package): It worked fine.

Any suggestions on which Debian package would be a good solution to
suite my Java development needs?

Thanks for feedback.
Best regards,


P.S.: Please note that I'm currently off-list so please Cc: me on each
reply, thank you in advance.

   .''`.   Ivo Marino <eim@mentors.debian.net>
  : :' :   irc.FreeNode.net chan #debian-mentors
  `. ``    UIN 32463141 + JID eim@jabber.linux.it
    `-     Homepage http://mentors.debian.net/~eim/

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