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RFP: jrockit -- A virtual machine for Java

I just filed an RFP (bug 273693) for BEA's JRockit. JRockit is a non-free virtual machine for Java that fully implements everything that SUN's VM does. In addition it out-performs both SUN and IBM on many real-world workloads.

From what I understand, both SUN's and IBM's re-distribution license agreements have been gone through and found to be preventing Debian from re-distributing. This might of course be the case for JRockit as well, but there are two things that might make BEA more likely to allow re-distribution:

First of all, BEA is hunting market share. Everybody knows about SUN's VM, some people know about IBM's but JRockit is quite unknown. This might make it possible for Debian to actually negotiate re-distribution terms with BEA if they aren't satisfactory.

Second, I work for BEA, so if the re-distribution license agreement isn't good enough I'll whine about this from the inside :-). And so that you don't have to ask: No, JRockit won't be open source any time soon. We use a bunch of IP from SUN, so even if we wanted to we couldn't :-(. That doesn't mean that JRockit couldn't end up in non-free however.

Regards //Johan

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