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Tomcat 5 debs available

Hi all,

I had a need for a deb of Tomcat 5, so I've spent the last couple of days
packaging it, and figured that it might also be useful to someone else
on these lists.

Package name is 'tomcat5' and the deb is available here:

deb http://apt.leapster.org/tomcat ./
deb-src http://apt.leapster.org/tomcat ./

Caveat emptor, of course: I've cut a *lot* of corners to build this
package. The dependencies almost certainly aren't complete (maybe not
even correct), the source build process is insane and would make any good
Debian Developer run away screaming, and I haven't even attempted to ensure
that it's secure upon install.

However, It Works For Me (TM).

Maybe it will also help someone create a good package of it, too ;)

Further updates and news will probably appear here:




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