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Re: Confusion, java-package or mpkg-j2se?

Morten Brix Pedersen wrote:
I am overly confused on the differences of the packages java-package and
mpkg-j2se. They apparently provide the exact same functionality. Even
their description is the same.
> [snip]

mpkg-j2se will never enter Testing because of the RC bug filed against it.

On another note, is it possible we could see the ${vendor}-j2{re,sdk}${version}debian packages included in Debian? Their Debian integration features are the main reason I use j2se-package/java-package. Perhaps we could even have these features rolled into the generated ${vendor}-j2{re,sdk}${version} packages?

Finally, the entry to add to /usr/share/java-package/sun-j2sdk.sh to make java-package work with the 1.5+rc SDK is:

        j2se_expected_min_size=135 # 138272 kB

Anyone know how big the 1.5+rc RE is, so an entry can be added for it as well?


Sam Morris

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