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Re: tomcat4 dependencies

On Sun, 2004-09-05 at 12:26, Martin Rusnak wrote:
> I have J2SDK_1.4.2_05 and tomcat4 running on Debian Sarge. When I tried 
> to upgrade the packages a broken dependency problem occured. It seems 
     A. that tomcat4 is no more dependent on java-virtual-machine-dummy,
> it is dependent on j2sdk1.4, j2sdk1.3, kaffe or java-compiler. dselect 
> says that j2sdk1.4 does not appear to be available. But it is available 
> and it has been added to te alternatives. Please, how to fix this problem.

If you're installing Sun's JDK, you'll need to follow the instructions


Debian wont know about the JDK if you've just unpacked the binary, so - using the control files from java-common - create some packages to install.



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