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Just Say Viva! Just Say Kaffe - Java Rebranding Campaign Kicked Off


  As a follow-up to the post "Sun Lawyers Attack The
Java Republic News Blog" allow me to suggest a
rebranding campaign: 

  Why not follow IBM's lead and drop the Java name and
use Eclipse or Viva! or Kaffe instead?

  Java (TM)* is way too overused anyways. Is Java a
operating system? Is Java a language? Is Java a class
library? Is Java a runtime? Is Java a bytecode

  Let's use new names to clear up the confusion:

    * Why not use Viva! or Kaffe for the bytecode
machine and runtime?
    * Why not use Viva! Libraries or Classpath for the
class libraries?
    * Why not use Shark or Viva/J or Kaffe/J for the
    * Why not use Linux for the operating system?

  Any thoughts? Any suggestions?

  - Gerald

(*) Sun Lawyer: As you know, Java is a Sun trademark
that is used to designate certain Sun technologies, as
well as Sun products and services incorporating those
technologies.  By protecting the Java mark, Sun also
protects the underlying technology and our licensees,
by ensuring that only goods and services that meet our
stringent criteria qualify to bear our Java
compatibility logos and make other appropriate
references to the Java mark.  Maintaining a strong
Java trademark is one of the many ways in which Sun
seeks to ensure that the Java technologies continue to
meet the needs of our entire user community. We hope
you understand that in order for Sun to preserve the
strength of the Java marks and to preserve the
compatibility and other benefits of Java technology,
trademark law requires that Sun monitor use of its
Java and Java-based marks by others and, in some
circumstances, take steps to ensure that these
companies and individuals change the way they use
Sun's Java mark. 

Gerald Bauer
Viva! Free Java Now Campaign  |
The Java Republic             | http://viva.sourceforge.net/republic

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