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Re: j2sdk build-depends cannot be satisfied?

Ola Lundqvist wrote:

 "Java libraries must depend on the needed runtime environment (java1-runtime and/or java2-runtime) but should not depend (only suggest) java-virtual-machine."

Does a "runtime" include a virtual machine or just the core classes? The list of virtual packages does not state this:

java-compiler           Any java compiler, for Java version 1
java2-compiler,         Any java compiler, for Java version 2
java-virtual-machine    Any JAVA virtual machine
java1-runtime           Any Java runtime environment, Java version 1
java2-runtime.          Any Java runtime environment, Java version 2

IMHO Java libraries should not have any dependencies on either a runtime or a virtual machine. The reason is simple: Let's say I have a Java library package in main (so it can be built with jikes or gcj) that build depends on another Java library package (of course also in main).

Why should I have to install a runtime environment or a virtual machine to build the package? Installing jikes | gcj-3.2, classpath | libgcj3 and the required other library package is sufficient (if something like Ant is not used at). The classpath and libgcj3 packages contain the core classes but do not provide any virtual package.

Stefan Gybas

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