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java-ignorant question


I don't really know anything about java, but a package I'm using needs
to be compied using ant.  Everything was working fine, and I managed
to compile it several times.  THen today I downloaded a new version
from cvs and compiled...  only to get a huge string of errors.  I
checked, and $JAVA_HOME, $TOMCAT_HOME; and $CLASSPATH are the same as
they ever were.  

My hope was that someone knowledgeable would be able to tell me what
the errors mean.  there are two types.  It starts with a bunch of
these, all exatly identical:

[javac] error: compiler message file broken:
key=compiler.err.sun.io.MalformedInputException arguments=null, null, null, null, null, null, null

and then goes on to give a whole bunch of these (each with a different
variable).  Here's a sequence of three:

 mir.storage.StorageObject is not public in mir.storage; cannot be accessed from outside package
    [javac]     public ModuleBreaking (StorageObject theStorage)
    [javac]                                ^
 mir.module.AbstractModule is not public in mir.module; cannot be accessed from outside package
    [javac] public class ModuleComment extends AbstractModule
    [javac]                                    ^
 mir.misc.Logfile is not public in mir.misc; cannot be accessed from outside package
    [javac]   static Logfile theLog;
    [javac]          ^

can anyone tell me what the general problem is?  is my java
installation suddenly broken?  what kind of testing should I do to
figure out what's wrong?  where should I look for more help (instead
of borrowing y'all again)?


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