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Gideon/Debian and KDE Java programming

Hi all,

I've been having a lookg at Gideon. Great stuff. It alwayws was... even more 
now it has support for Java! Cool! 

Gideon is the working name for the new KDevelop version, and has support for
Java... Ok, that is why I post it here ;)

Ok, now the bad news... I've used the Java-KDE-Application framework-template 
to set up a build tree... I can manually did a make -f Makefile.cvs && 
./configure and then a "build" from Gideon and get this

CLASSPATH=.:./.:$CLASSPATH javac -d . \
test.java testView.java testPreferences.java
test.java:6: package org.kde.qt does not exist
import org.kde.qt.*;

Ok, it cannot find my somekdelibs.jar ... i've been trying to compile 
kdebindings.tar.gz for a few times, but that seems not to work properly on my 
Debian woody system... nor was I able to find a deb for it...

Thus, my question: where do I get this jar file that includes the org.kde.qt 
and org.kde.koala packages?

Is that only in the kdebindings.tar.gz? Could it be distributed with Gideon, 
just to make sure? or maybe have the ./configure make notice that it could 
not find the required jars, and point to some info on how to get them?

Looking forward to any ideas/suggestions/etc,

kind regards,

Egon Willighagen

PS. If I get it to run, I'll write an article about KDE/Java development with 
Gideon in LinuxFocus. It is really great software! 

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