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Re: CLASSPATH and Jikes

On Tue, Apr 02, 2002 at 08:43:55PM +0200, Robert Bihlmeyer wrote:
> ota-2@andrew.pimlott.net writes:
> > I also think the jikes-kaffe, etc proposals are silly:  You should
> > be able to achieve the same with a simple "jikes -bootclasspath
> > /wherever/kaffe/puts/Klasses.jar".
> Oh, you don't seem to know the path from the top of your head!

Well, I would put it once in my Makefile and forget about it.  :-)

> Me
> neither. That's the point of jikes-kaffe: relieving you from having to
> remember the obscure bootclasses path(s).
> Of course this could be combined sensibly with your idea: If everybody
> providing a JRE would provide /usr/share/<mumble>/<pkgname>.classpath
> we could enhance jikes (or a simple shell wrapper, not necessary named
> "jikes") so that "-jre foo" would take the base classes from package
> foo.

Absolutely, this idea is nicer.  It just requires a little more
infrastructure, and I was trying to give the simplest version of the
concept (which is that the ability to choose core classes should be
decentralized).  It can be seen as one step towards the full Java
registry idea.

BTW, I remembered that jikes knows how to read command-line
arguments from a file, so "jikes -jre $foo" just becomes "jikes
-bootclasspath @/usr/share/java/$foo/bootclasspath", or similar.


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