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Re: CLASSPATH and Jikes

ota-2@andrew.pimlott.net writes:

> I also think the jikes-kaffe, etc proposals are silly:  You should
> be able to achieve the same with a simple "jikes -bootclasspath
> /wherever/kaffe/puts/Klasses.jar".

Oh, you don't seem to know the path from the top of your head! Me
neither. That's the point of jikes-kaffe: relieving you from having to
remember the obscure bootclasses path(s).

Of course this could be combined sensibly with your idea: If everybody
providing a JRE would provide /usr/share/<mumble>/<pkgname>.classpath
we could enhance jikes (or a simple shell wrapper, not necessary named
"jikes") so that "-jre foo" would take the base classes from package

Using *just* alternatives is IMHO not enough as the needs of some
users may differ from the system default.


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