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Re: debian java debugging

Joe Faith wrote:

I tried Blackdown 1.3.1 and Sun JDK 1.3.1, but still get those pesky
SIGABRT errors when trying to attach a dubgger to a running JVM.

Well, it depends of what you are trying to debug.. servlets? An application? Depending on that, you may have more luck starting it directly using jdb. Eg:

  `jdb -classpath ${YOUR_CLASSPATH} com.runtimecollective.AnApp`

instead of launching a JVM with debugging instrumentation on and connecting to it using jdb.

You may also want to try doing a "suspend=y", or not using HotSpot (`java -classic ... `). But in any case, I'd read up on the jdb docs included with the JDK and look at the JPDA site for more detail.


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