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Re: questions about the 'java-runtime' package....

>  jython depends on kaffe | java-runtime | java1-runtime | java2-runtime;
> Is this a problem with the way jython is packaged? Or should
> java-virtual-machine-dummy also provide java-runtime?

I want to claim that, if dummy packages will be provided, that they should 
also provide java1-runtime (thus solving your problem).

Jython depends on java1-runtime | java2-runtime because java policy says it 
must.  But currently no JVM provides either of these, so I added the option 
of java-runtime to make jython installable.  Still no JVM in testing provides 
any of these, so I added kaffe as a temporary alternative so jython could 
make it into testing.

When the JVMs provide the various virtual packages that they're supposed to, 
I'll cut down on this option list.  Not that this will help you out; the only 
way to fix your problem is either for the JVM packages to be fixed or for me 
to break java policy (by not requiring java*-runtime).

The kaffe maintainer has already told me he'll provide java1-runtime, and the 
latest j2se1.3 packages from blackdown already provide java2-runtime.



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