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questions about the 'java-runtime' package....

Pardon my igornance if this is a dumb question, the java policy and
packaging in Debian seems to be an overcomplicated beast, and I'm not
sure why certian things are done as they are....

I have java-virtual-machine-dummy and java-compiler-dummy installed.

And I have Sun's JDK living out in /usr/local. 

This *should* be everything I need, I should be able to get rid of
kaffe. But....

racerx:~# dpkg --purge kaffe
dpkg: dependency problems prevent removal of kaffe:
 jython depends on kaffe | java-runtime | java1-runtime | java2-runtime;

Is this a problem with the way jython is packaged? Or should
java-virtual-machine-dummy also provide java-runtime?

Or, should there also be a seperate java-runtime-dummy package?

Or, am I getting it all wrong?


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